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from Tales of the Abyss

Apped: December 16th, 2007
Dropped: March 15th, 2008
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activity log: February

Sakuraba: Talk about the good times (POST) / Senaaaa (Sena, Phoenix, Dee, Shin) / A-Ts (Ikki)

Hei: AEON I NEVER KNEW (epic fail dropped threads) / Brook's music

Edgeworth: Massacres? (Jack, Mia, Peony) / Mia post

Akihiko: Guy got lost (Guy, Mieu, Shinjiro) / ... No, Junpei. No. (Junpei, Minato, Shinjiro)

Dist: Harrassing Kakipi

Heisuke: Decent answers (Eleanor) / Setsuna's training (Setsuna, Yoshino) / Dojo! (Lex) / zombiessss (Yamamoto) / IT'S A PUPPY (Ari, Okita) / Umeda-sensei socruel (Umeda, Luck, Ritsuka) / Slang time (POST) / tiiiiiny Yoshino

February is usually a low-energy month for me; I know there was at least a week in here where I didn't really play much at all!


activity log: January

T-topped by sickness last week. AND HORRIBLY LETHARGIC THIS WEEK, so I'm just gonna do this by month.

Sakuraba: o hay, flower girl / @home? (Haseo, Pi) / He's a shoutacon (Ciel, Heisuke)

Hei: Poking at Ikki / EPIC BID-WAR FOR SORA / IDs (Ikki, Simon) / Fireflies ohmnomnom (Yin, Kamina, Fay)

Edgeworth: hiatus. o/

Akihiko: Junpei's intro / Ryohei's intro (threads w/ Ryohei, Shinjiro, and Haru. they're in there ... somewhere.) / Junpei's birthday / Fireflies (Yuuko) / Introductions / Vehicular raaaaaape (Mitsuru)

Dist: Colette's post (threads w/ Colette, Marty) / o hi Natalia (threads w/ Peony, Becky, Meryl, Natalia, Luke, and Tomo) / FLYING CABIN (POST)

Heisuke: Searching for Saizou (POST w/Okita) / HAY GUYZ (POST) / Mokona? / Bachelorette Auctions (auctioned off Aeris, Belldandy, and Haru) / The internet is great! / Catching up with Souji / Watching Yamamoto practice (thread jumps w/ Yamamoto, Emiri, Haru) / Plush pile (threads w/ Yoshino, Midori) / It's a Homo Trap! (POST-ish; helped Haru here and there) / Watching Kid and Luck at the shooting range / Shawn and Kuroyan's "date" (epic fail dropped thread I PICKED IT UP, OKAY) / Rue's post / TOURNAMENT: Ash vs. Mutsu, Okita vs. Mugen / Umeda's post / Haru Appreciation Day / Midori and the moon / Kittens! / Calling bullshit on the age rule (Okita, Shawn, Midori, Yamamoto, Emiri) / Samurai vs. Pirate vs. Ninja / Sentai? (Midori, Ritsuka) / Introductions

I'm finding that with Dist, I tend to drop threads pretty quickly because I get more easily distracted when playing with him. Er, whoops! If I drop a Dist thread with you and you want to pick it up, tell me! PM me in IRC, comment here, wutevah. I love playing him, but-- yeah, I get so easily distracted.

Also, Edgeworth is on a mini-hiatus for most of January. I've got a post planned with Mia, but other than that! This month's goals are to focus on Dist and Heisuke. Ping me if you want Edgeworth out! Ehh, hiatus in general for Edgeworth.


activity Log: December 29 - January 4

Sakuraba: Mistletoe fireworks (Shin)

Hei: Broke the rules again (Kamina, Yoko) / Meeting Simca


Akihiko: Mistletoe fireworks (Mitsuru)



activity log: December 21 - 28

Sakuraba: Paperwork zombies (POST w/Edgeworth, threads w/ Phoenix, Peony, Dee, and Rufus) / Gift post (Suzuna)

Hei: Gift post (Simon, Ikki)

Edgeworth: Paperwork zombies (POST) / Gift post (Ryoutou, Lana)

Akihiko: Gift post (Jr, Minato) / Gift post - the sequel (Shinjiro)

Dist: Gift post (Peony)

Editing as I go since I'm out of town. All the gift post threads link to the same one, but are broken down by who talks with who.


activity log: December 15 - 20

CAN I KEEP THIS UP? ... yeah, probably not. I actually log most of my threads in a notepad file, though.

Sakuraba: Meeting Godot (Godot, Peony), WAT U DO, NICK / Shinraaaaa (Rufus, Rude, and Reno)

Hei: Huh, just a disabilities counselor (Takeuchi Sora, Ikki)

Edgeworth: moar prosecutors, chatting with Phoenix re: Godot, ... 'sup, Prosecutor Skye!

Akihiko: Rubedo's happy shiny family issues

Dist: Party@Miranda's (Peony, Anise, Meryl, Becky, Miranda, Buffy, Ion) / Brook o/, Asch somean (Brook, Asch) / JAAAAAAAAAAADE (Jade, Becky) / Iiiiit's Auntie Van's! (POST)



Like I mentioned in the permissions/stats meme, Dist loves any type of machinery and/or new technology! It fascinates him, and he takes any chance he can get to study new things even if it has consequences on the other person. super sorry. If you need a mechanic for whatever reason, Dist should do in a pinch.

And again, as mentioned, consider this a blanket permission to hurt Dist as long as it's comical. You don't even need to ask! Especially if you're Jade. It happens to him all the time, and he rebounds quickly.

Dist is obsessive, to say the least. This means he will probably be stalking Jade to no end, even when he gets horribly tortured or something. It's canon!

spoilers under the cut.Collapse )


permissions/stats meme

Age: 35
Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)

and more under the cut.Collapse )


So, tomorrow, I'll do all that lovely write-up stuff with permissions memes and whatnot.

In the meantime, have a youtube link. Noooot really spoilery at all? Right.

a-a-app post.

Character: Dist the Reaper Rose
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Age: 35
Job: Vengeance Counselor

Canon: Tales of the Abyss is the heartwarming story of a boy and his [SPOILER] and their merry yet spoilery adventures that would take more than this minuscule canon section to cover! Dist the Reaper -- or "Dist the Rose" as he prefers to be called -- is one of the six God Generals, the primary antagonist's bitch boys (and girls!) in the game. Although the God Generals have their own allegiances and plans, Dist could care less about them. He has only one secret goal in mind, and remains loyal to that alone in his own Sekrit Villain Way - though really, he seems to only be stalking the main party, particularly his old associate, Jade.

Dist himself can best be described as some sort of flamboyant mad genius, as well as a fifteen year-old boy stuck in a thirty-five year-old's body. While incredibly intelligent and capable of building all sorts of machines, Dist is also prone to being extremely emotional, and by "emotional," we mean "prone to bursting into hissy-fits at the drop of a hat." Dist's mood swings dramatically -- one minute, he can be pleased, and the next minute, he'll be going off about something or other, raving like a lunatic. The words "over the top" only begin to scratch the surface when it comes to Dist.

Despite all this, Dist never seems to fight himself. In fact, he prefers to watch his mad scientist robot minions fight his battles while he sits in his floating armchair and does what he does best: evil monologuing, complete with the token sinister laughter.

Sample Entry:

Just who do those ignorant apes think they are?! Issuing a ticket to me? For suspicious activity in an "unmarked white armchair"?! It's mauve, you buffoons!!

Does anyone in this encampment have their head firmly screwed to their shoulders?! Such idiocy from the natives is repulsive; I can certainly see why the esteemed Madam Sayre required my supreme expertise on an all-important topic posthaste. Mmh, yes, where are my manners, though? Campers!! Be awed by the awesome presence of yours truly, the brand new, highly regarded and well-renowned vengeance counselor, Dist the Rose. ... Although I must say, the title they gave me for this position is so brutish. "Vengeance counselor"? Really, now. I find "retribution advisor" to be much more pleasing to the ears and much less barbaric, don't you agree?

Now then! Let's get to the subject at hand, shall we? Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold. Of course, everyone knows that this is a patented falsehood. Payback is truly delightful, particularly when your method of exacting your righteous retribution is creative and ... resourceful. You see, I've taken a moment to familiarize myself with your culture -- all to make the method of retribution more effective. Your culture's "internet"? Fascinating, and quite useful for our purposes. And there is a far more diabolical plot one can initiate just from their e-mail inbox. Yes, that's right: cat macro spam. Scores and scores of e-mails with their attachments adding megabyte after megabyte to their load time, all those adorable little faces staring and judging as the one who wronged you can do nothing but look on in horror--! Now, envision the despair on their face when they realize the undeniable truth -- that, yes, ceiling cat is watching them! Muahahahahahahaha!!

... But of course, carrying out this sort of scheme can be tiresome, particularly if said person employs that traitorous Gmail and its spiteful Spam Blocker, and that is where one skilled at seeking divine retribution hires minions for these sorts of things. Geniuses such as myself can easily create some, but when in doubt, I suppose the likes of you could resort to those dwelling around here. Take Thulian the Graceful Dionaea for example, here. My dearest Thulian was once known in his primitive tongue as Glarghabanglebraiiins, but I've managed to save him from his pathetic, undead existence. Now, my blossoming Dionaea is capable of much greater things, such as operating this custom-made shoulder-launched M-160. Thulian, if you would? A demonstr--

Thulian!! Where are you going with that rocket launch-- d-don't ignore me! Thulian, you return here at once when I'm speaking with--

-- o-on second thought, forget I said anything! You can ignore me! Just this once! I knew giving him weaponry was a miscalculation. D-Don't think you've heard the last of me-!!

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